May 31, 2017

Is Russia more dangerous than ISIS?

The real prove, that Donald J Trump is a Putin's Greatest Puppet (probably only after Barack Hussein Obama), is the fact, that Trump for real made a deal with Russia - the Greatest Enemy the Western Civilization and the Theism itself, the Theistic nations, and the Gnostic Knowledge at all - and is hiding that Great World Treason, by lying, that the created by Russia through Putin's past greatest asset, Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS had been the biggest treat. The Overnational International Atheistic Criminal Conglomerate, leaded by the past KGB's Elite is near possessing it's immoral, atheistic Power over the Entire World. This is so nearly close to the Bible's story for
for the Antichrist's winning the his full power over the Earth - who can say. But what I know for sure, is that EVERY KGB AGENT from before the Perestroika, LIKE PUTIN, has been studied the Soviets' Core "Scientific Atheism"... You should have no doubt!

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