August 12, 2017

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?!!

This is Daniela, The Manager of
Once Upon A Time In Bulgaria
After I made the unbelievable - I just had open and reviewed the stats of MIROGLE on my phone's Google Analytics App, I'd got quite neuros, because the data were showing, the there are people, who, as I assume, have been inspired by some key posts I'd made here, and there are many who are returning, just to see, is there anything new on my lovable, but quirky... as well as serious as an axe in front a Russian head, but, after all, a tiny little blog, made by a man in the know, but so very lazy through the years, as so as I even didn't tryed much seriously to make it better, start to show up some other basic, but little known truths, which are mixing our lives' dates without even suspecting, what might making whole great in the past nation's miserable, even entire Cultures!..

Let me choose some current downloaded beautiful photo to choose and post here, while I'm thinking, could I live by MIROGLE, if I strategies a page to beg for money to live, or just a "Donate" PayPal button?... To manage professionally an a even that little Blog, it needs very much time and labor - even for the posts only! I can't do it non-for-profit, because I won't to die by hunger for a Blog!... So what else could I do??? Please comment!!!

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