February 19, 2014

All life is based on sex, including spiritual life. Discover Gnosis.

We are sexual creatures: made by sex, sustained by sex - and if we are foolish - destroyed by sex. What we are now is a result of sex. What we will be depends upon our use of sex. Our relationship to sex shows us who we truly are inside. Sex is a mirror into our soul. Let us peer into the basis of all life - sexuality - and discover who we truly are, and what we can become.
For the first time in history, you can now learn the esoteric knowledge that was long protected by the purest souls, repressed by the power-mad, and rejected by the degenerates. MIROGLE pesents Glorian Publishing - a non-profit organization which examine all of the knowledge of humanity in a comprehensive and complete way, in order to see the root synthesis of everything. Everything in life is interconnected: to understand how to live, one must understand the whole of knowledge.

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