February 21, 2014

Putin should be hanged

The Real Face of KGB
'New' Russia in Sochi: Same old Russia in Ukraine
As the Olympic flame burned above Sochi on Tuesday evening, a scene of mayhem and death exploded in Ukraine Kiev, where blazes roared and violent clashes erupted along protesters' barricades.

 At least 100 people were killed just on Thursday and hundreds more hospitalized in confrontations pitting government forces against demonstrators opposed to a regime that has strong support from President Vladimir Putin's Russia. It was the deadliest day in the three months since the showdown started.

Between the two spectacles, you can bet Putin's attention focused more sharply on the crisis in Ukraine, which is officially an independent country since 1991 but in reality remains a state over which Moscow exercises enormous influence, infuriating much of Ukraine's population. Read more on CNN...

Do we know the real dimentions of today`s mass-pernicious and so insolent interaction of KGB within every post-communist country near Russia? Putin should have to be hanged on the square in front the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

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