February 25, 2014

Why people lie - and how to tell if they are - it`s a joke

What a joke is - in some ways - the conventional psychology, guys!! Dr. Gail Saltz explains, that everybody lies. She says: It may only be “white” lies, but everyone tells lies or “omits the truth” sometimes. We start lying at around age 4 to 5 when children gain an awareness of the use and power of language. Eventually children begin to use lying to get out of trouble or get something they want. White lies, those concocted to protect someone’s feelings, are not a big deal at all. The person, however, who seems to feel compelled to lie about both the small and large stuff has a problem. We often call these folks pathological liars (which is a description, not a diagnosis). They lie to protect themselves, look good, gain financially or socially and avoid punishment. Read more of those stuff on TODAY.com

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