October 1, 2014

Because here, in Russia, people don’t believe that women’s bodies belong to women. Most of them think if a man rapes a woman, it’s only her fault. And if she is bold or desperate enough to go to the police, people will turn their back on her. Because they believe that a rape is only a victim’s fault. Especially if a victim is a woman.
From Russian Feminist community we speak to the world, to every single one it may concern: please, don’t let this terrible crime be forgotten. Don’t let bullies ruin a sixteen years old girl’s life. Please, help this girl and every girl and woman in Russia, which can be raped and then blamed for this. Repost this article and make the world know that is happening here.
That’s why I ask you again to make a re-blog of this post and sign the petition Here.
It seems to us, this hell will stop only when people all over the world will know about it.
Thanks to everyone who help us. It’s hard to find support in our country.
Every re-blog, every “note”, every vote makes sense.
Thank you.