October 11, 2014

Then the Great Fear of Death has came and took my whole heart in the Darkness of Shadows

They have crucified me, in pain I thought God has gone... Then the Great Fear of Death has came and took my whole heart in the Darkness of Shadows, and I cried with whole my voice in the panic, "Where are You now Father?!!" 

And then I heard His voice again: "Next in You, and next to You :) because I am You, as You are Me, and we are One, as two, or whatsoever, who cares :) Only the human delusive ego dies with the brain, we don`t die. Keep calm, the brain will soon switch off finally and we shall rise above the mass. Keep calm." 

And that was the voice of The Supreme God, because I have done righteous all the work I should between the others lost on Earth... So this is how I have became One with God and all the others who have died as men, to clean all the mess of any egos, and resurrect as pure souls :)

That`s how I woke up and realised who I Am :) And that I`m free, no matter what the biochemical primate`s cage needs, or fears, or wants, or dreams... That`s the story of "The Son", as the crucifiers decided to call me later. And if you ask me, why they crucified me?... Well, they don`t like and fear to tell them the truth - it`s painful barely for everybody - to tell one`s truth, he will beat you. To tell a nation the truth :) Here is your cross :) And, between us, if you tell the world the truth... surely you must have the Pentagon and defend yourself with all the surveillance, tortures, weapons development, preventive potential threats eliminating, like those military gangsters from Iraq... Everyone alive should learn the truth, that his ego is an illusion, under which suffers his true being, which is God!  

 ~ Miro Avramoff`s text on the story for the growth of Jesus the Christ from Nazareth. 

Dare To Know !
Dare to Know the Truth !
The path of the Great Ideas of the Gnostic Christianity, for which today`s U.S. of America are still keeping the enlargement and development of their military forces - first of all to defend the Great Knowledge, and second, to spread it as globally as possible... The path of this knowledge called Gnosticism (look at the last link in this text) has been passed through many nations, religions, and regions, till the establishment of today`s Freemasonry in London before nearly three centuries, indeed. And after two more it has been profoundly risen in the American`s Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, where the higher Light of understanding and knowledge of the True Reality could be possessed by a living man... (...out of The Matrix, we could say for the lovers of Neo and Trinity from the Wachowskis Brothers movie :-)

One of the nations, who has been keeping this secret knowledge for about 200 years - from 7th to 9th century - were the Bulgarians (I am a Bulgarian and this is what is all about this writing:), creating our highly structured Brotherhood of Bogomils - the predecessors of Cathars, who were succeeded lately to build a "state/kingdom of the Truth" in Southern France, which the Roman Catholic Crucifiers had burnd to the ground. Southern France is where from the first 9 Templars have been started his mission to create a new organization of Truth... Before Bulgarians, the secret knowledge has been secured by the Paulicians in Armenia, who still have today`s communities in Bulgaria :) And they are very interesting marginal group, living outside of our damaged by the Russian`s Communism society, who are worthy to be observed for sure! Before them, there had been Manichaeans, and so, and so, since the times of Yeshua from Nazareth - the leader of the jewish Essenes society at that time, and a revolutionary activist against the Romans, who probably could have been a real successor of David The King and The Highest Priest in the same time, which is indeed one of the meanings of the David`s Star symbol - the Kingdoms power and the Spiritual power in One - for the macrocosmos, as for the microcosmos - spirit and matter united - I am One with God - the brain and human personality is one with the Spirit :) This is the great idea :) It`s the Gnosis that could be possessed by a living man consciously long before the body death :) 

A screenshot of my #Nexus 5 with
a photos of me - this is my vanity..
This is for what is all the fighting today with the savage Islamists, and the cruel power of the Ego - who are atheists - the KGB, who owns Bulgaria to, as they wouldn`t pass Ukraine... It`s simple. The men of the Ego - KGB - don`t belive and can`t understand the spiritual truth of what is the Human Being. They have different psychological and psychiatric schools, who treat the man as an sophisticated animal, but no soul, no spirit, no other dimensions beyond the fifth senses... Their anthropology believes more in the power of human` animal`s instincts, than in human intelectual evolutionary possibilities... In this row of thoughts, I could say that with or without Freemasonry as a school for the invisible realities, the KGB`s elite probably is suffering by lack of intellectual believe in Human, probably have a lack of vision for a greater evolution of mankind, and probably they`re just a historically damaged pessimists, who are far away from the European Humanism from The Renaissance, and surely I would say that they are animals, who thinks that all of the others are too animals... Raigen has been said once for them: "The Empire of Evil"... 

Be well and free, and thank you very much for the reading! This is one of my first tries, I would admit with a little shy :) Be Free! Feel Well!