November 8, 2014

I count this particular song among my reasons to live. ~ Jenny Pyne

Some selected comments on this video from YouTube:
+probrojeffro ~ He's a great performer and musical artist, but an equally amazing poet. I've used his visual poetry in my literature classes. My students love it.
+Darin Back Photography ~ Peter must have seen some real sorrow when he wrote song. I can feel his passion. Life is so damn short, why do people hurt others for money, for power, I think his music has made people realize images of terror, pain don't help any one at all. I think we all him a great thank you for making us realize, it's possible to care for others a whole lot more than ourselves. Thank you Peter...
+T.K. Bertram ~ This song has always been like a hymn for me, inspiring me to stand against whatever odds. My hope lies here, that in that final hour I will be able to stand defiant and unbowed.
+Phaedra Meredith Sheridan ~ I have loved this song and known it word for word since I was a kid.
+Quique Vacas ~ This song is so moving, so delicate and fantastic. I still remember the first time I heard it... I barely spoke a word of english in those days... but I was so touched with his voice...
+Brian Bowman ~ Thank you, Peter, for sharing compassion and hope with generations of people.
+Jenny Pyne ~ I count this particular song among my reasons to live.