November 17, 2014

The Google`s Irreversible Impact On World`s Business And Personal Culture Of Relations

 is  purposefully since it`s blooming rise from the beginning of the new millennium! It`s not one`s greed and ambition, which rolled him up with , neither is dreaming creativity and inventiveness of a genius, who made up ... It`s not about qualities or vices which lays beyond Google`s hyper-bloom! 
It's all about the , the  of  and , which has been felt from the first experiences of every user, and which has won the love of all the developers around the world, making easier for #LarryandSergey to choose the best of the best from all the moral people that are still loving Google - FOR THE VIRTUES ENGINE BEHIND GOOGLE, CALLED #ALTRUISM :) It's  on the photo :) Look at him! It's LOVE that has rise Google to the point to influence the global business culture, little by little, till all the people shall stop the their's tolerance to the old successful leaders` model, which has made the people to applaud one's selfish ambition or one`s narcistical approach...aAT THE BOTTOM OF THE LINE, GOOGLE HAD PROVED THAT ALTRUISM - NOT EGOISM OR GEEK'S NARCISIM - IS THE MOST BENEFICIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY AT ALL. So, "welcome to the new world", I pray to say soon to my children... Thank you Larry! Thank you Sergey!

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