November 12, 2014

Some Fine Beauty And The Trivial Reality of Lollipop OTA from Android

Pure sexual explosion in a photo of an young sweet and innocent charming girl

Today is the second date that all we, who were proud #Nexus5 owners till the launch of the #Nexus6, are waiting for the Android 5.0 #Lollipop to start flowing OTA (Over The Air) and install itself, in order make us all shiny and happy... First we were waited for this at November 3rd, when #Google has announced that it`s been a problem and at 12th November it will be ready to round up OTA to our precious devices, having the nickname #Hammerhead, probably because they gets you a feeling like they're strong like something you could blow somebody's head of with it... I mean #Nexus5 is made to be strong as hammer - literally!

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