April 29, 2015

The real winners in the Cold War.

It`s not already for changing the world, even it`s not already being close to the idea of changing something - whatsoever... Nobody could change the believe system of any other, without high dosage of amphetamines, like Mr. Hitler, which are banned in Bulgaria - a cool, little country, at the most Eastern point of Eastern Europe, so badly close to Great Russia, that these days we have started to separate each other to pro-Russians and pro-Westerns, with such a damn hate - a non hidden hate - like we are sure that Bulgaria could be the next bloody victim of KGB after Ukraine.

Ira Chernova - a Russian photographer and a model in NYC.
Ira Chernova - a Russian photographer and a model, emigrant to NYC, U.S.
And I am saying KGB, but not "the Russians", because most of the Russians or victims of KGB too. The Trillions - if we count in USD or Euro - of stolen, or more closely would be the word "sucked", from the Whole Post-Soviet Communism`s Block, after the fake "Collapse of the Soviet Union", which was just the Yuri Andropov`s plan to play the West and transform the Power in all the Soviet post-communism`s block from Governmental to Private (KGB`s private) - by organized and planned since the end of the the 70th robbery of all the communistic countries governmental properties. A game played so brilliant, that no unprofessional intelligence person could be sure even now... All the money were cleaned up through offshore zones like Latvia, Cypress, Switzerland, the Isle of Man - and should I continue - till these immense stolen capitals have been invested cleanly INTO THE WEST.

We all, the people of the victim countries, INCLUDING RUSSIANS, were victims of the most greatly advanced science of KGB - DISINFORMATION - and to us have been inducted that The West is stealing our money... Do you got an imagine of the genius of Yuri Andropov? The Russian Nation is a victim of the robbery and this disinformation at the largest scale - Russia is the base of KGB - and so, as many in Bulgaria, for I can say, are deeply rooted to the bones in the hate towards the West. They believe that the West - the Americans had been "sucked" their economy and capitals. And it is not hard to believe that, because all the Eastern Capitals are truly gone within the West, BUT AS KGB`s PROPERTY... So the big military - I should say that word - overcome of KGB over the West is that KGB now OWN strategic parts of the Western economy. And if this is hardly to be believed for The U.S., it`s not hard to be seen in Europe today!...

Would be continuing! Soon.

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