May 21, 2015

Blissful are we, whenever we dismiss the brain as a causing anything factor.

.Yet, The Atheism of Psychiatry is bravely continuing it`s Master-Mass Killings all around, when People let unconscious emotional and life energy vampires to such their own living spiritual priceless heart alive, and let them dead to be like still geraniums all their empty dead life, which they are passing like forever...

I speak from the position of a man who's 20`s has passed through the first phase of the KGB`s ¨Perestroika¨, when they were trying to lie the most wiser Western Powers, that it`s a collapse, and Boris Yeltsin is the same drunk, that all the World`s were watched his misery, but behind the scene, KGB has been inflating all the capitals from every post-soviet country. They had gain strength, until we are laughing Yeltsin and the stupid Russian poor soul...

There is the kingdom of Atheism - everywhere the KGB owns everything. Including large parts of German economy, Austrian, of course, the French Atheistic Pseudo-Masonic Legions, whom blood shall pay all the murders, like the one I have begun with - the Eastern Orthodox Atheistc Psychiatry, which role in the Ronald`s Empire of Evil IS EXACTLY THE SAME, THAT HAD BEEN IN SPAIN WITH THE CATHOLIC INQUISITION ! ! !

Easter (Russian) Orthodox Psychiatry is designed to kill the spirit of every one, who has it... If I could get some humour of that story :) You have got the point don't you. You critical to your government Western citizen, who I would swipe with a wood stick at ass, for your stupidity and lack of any desire to ASK, WHY!!? Because Ronald`s Evil Empire is more powerful than ever, sissy boy. And soon or later, you would kiss their boots, Pal. Think!

World’s first electronic multi-state memory cell which mirrors the brain’s ability to simultaneously process and store multiple strands of information, built by researchers at the MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) 

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