May 24, 2015

WHO and WHAT is GOD?

Most of us are living in conscious ignorance of answering that question for themselves, even though the most of us are not atheists! How could we explain the obvious mass runaway from the most important question of every rationally thinking man - because it`s reason to do not deny a higher mind being through entire universe, just like it`s nether rational, nether a sign of usual intellectual abilities, to think that Life on Earth is an accident, even some going stupid to think it could be unique!? Here is a non-commercial Anglican`s Church Way of representing the question, by offering the answers of these questions in the free (only in the UK) book of Herbert W. Armstrong, which is delivered even for free. This has nothing about some speculative evangelistic churches, which makes with faith life long autohypnosis for their members. I have always been thinking that the Anglicans (the official English Church) is the most advanced in the studding of immense knowledge some still call religion.

Published on Feb 20, 2015

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