June 10, 2015

Google Inc.: Changing The World With Love And Human Attitude For The Good Of All

Views: Sines, Portugal by Fernando Liz

There has been passed a decade after Google started to influence the whole business culture through the World Wide Western Societies, being accepted well everywhere, for that even the children were feeling the difference of the attitude, like it was some kind of magic, even since the first years of the New Millennium. Being in a poor post-communistic country, like my lovable Bulgaria, even in those years, when Yahoo and MSN were on their way together to fight the new daemon on the valley, I have been spending tens of bucks monthly to promote my simple static webpage, when I started to receive a greeting cards for Christmas... It was 2005, while MSN and Yahoo were fighting a war - Google were spreading LOVE to their clients, even the little ones, like me, who were spending $50 bucks per month from Eastern Europe, when Bulgaria doesn`t even a member of NATO :)

Now we see the Global Impact that Google Inc. had made from the top of the Business, to the valley of African Schools - the impact of LOVE and Humanistic approach BY DEFAULT towards EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY! This is why I am sure that Google Inc. has non coincidental auctioneers, and believe that this wonder House of the Temple in DC has some common with the Hangouts or my extra cheap 13.3" Full HD Acer Chromebook, that keeps me insanely happy and with its speakers, that in this thin and light laptop are Joggling around all the building I live in :)) Love Ya!

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