June 7, 2015

Google would by Trinidad And Tobago, A Carribian Island, For $30billionUSD - Just Because It`s Good

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Google CEO, Larry Page, said the company is disappointed most of all by Trinidad and Tobago’s lack of initiative. “It’s crazy. The country has so much oil, so many engineering and computer science graduates, so much international cultural capital, yet they have invented nothing to help with their traffic problem, they still use typewriters in licensing offices, and they don’t mass produce steelpans even though the entire world LOVES that fucking thing! I heard some people even still use Blackberry phones. It would be an injustice for us to sit back and let this laziness persist.”

Page continued. “For those who know their history, there was a time the US considered annexing the entire Caribbean to itself, but it thought better of it because we didn’t want to give you all full citizenship to migrate to our shores. We clearly made the wrong decision because you all still flood our nation in droves anyway. Since colonialism is no longer morally acceptable, we will go the good old capitalist route and just buy you out on behalf of our great nation.”
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Google CEO and Co-Founder, +Lary Page.

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