June 19, 2015

Yes, Google Have Wide-Openly Defended Gay Rights With Extremely Loud Approach!

I felt so glad, when watched this video and understood that Google is showing their middle finger to the global commerce, and are making a brave move towards Human Rights over the Planet with their 1 Billion Android devices, and being in a rough fight with multiple united against them little sharks - like Microsoft and Ubuntu - and much bigger ones, like Apple. Until today, there were not a single one commercial company to defend openly the Gay Rights - only some of the progressive Governments around the Globe were doing that.

Today Google Inc. had made the step to loudly spread their support for full Human Rights, like it`s supposed to be for every normal civilized corporation with social attitude... As I was wondering who gay is written - with an "e", or "a". And pushed Google to tell me, look what I`ve got:

The first giant commercial company to defend the gay people!
The first giant commercial company to defend the gay people!

People should be free and to blame them, to make them feel guilty for what they are, is pure Satanism and I`ll tell you exactly why! It`s time for the truth, what`s "satan" means and what represents, to be finally wide known, because if you know what "satan" means, you will understand, that the Official Constantine`s Christianity, plus that Muhammad shmug writings, are pure Satanism, only by the meaning of the Jewish word "satan", which, when had been first used by the Jewish Visionaries, who have had poetic way of speech, have had the meaning "to blame", "to judge" (someone) for whatever - no matter! That has been the Evil for the God`s People! So as just like "the satan" had corrupted Eva to blame and to judge, this has been an example for Adam to the same... And blaming and judging, you are starting to classify the things at Good and Bad... This is the meaning that the Satan had corrupted Adam and Eva to eat from the fruits of the forbidden tree - "The Tree of The Knowledge For The Good and The Bad"! It`s so simple! Adam and Eve have been fallen from the Heaven, when they started to separate each others actions to "good" and "bad", to separate the people to "good" and "bad", to judge the "bad" and glorify "the good"... That`s how the hell on Earth for Humans had begun.So the Satan is to BLAME AND JUDGE someone for whatever! It's the lack of Understanding and Tolerance, which is LOVE, people! So, that's the Evil - the non-understanding intolerance! Whose the Evil then?

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