August 18, 2015

Fears over Russia treason charges by an Ex-KGB agent, who gives up church asylum in Canada after six years

Canadian - KGB relations

Hiding by the KGB and the Canadian Authorities at the same time, a former KGB agent is returning to Russia after living in a church in Canada for six years. He surrendered after fighting deportation over fears of repercussions in Russia - having revealed the names of other agents.

The ex-KGB agent was one of a handful of asylum seekers hiding out in Canadian churches to avoid deportation, but the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has refrained from entering places of worship to make arrests, and Nazami confirmed that officers had not entered the church to seize Lennikov.

His high-profile case sparked political disputes, with Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP) calling Lennikov's case an example of "a really wrong-headed immigration policy by this government" and arguing the Russian was not a threat to Canada.

The country's Conservative Party supported his deportation, however, saying that as a former member of the KGB he was unwelcome in Canada.

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