August 31, 2015

Thank you SURFING Magazine, And May God Bless The Purity Keepers, Riding The Waves!

I just like so very fvckin` much the Neverland Spirit of Those, Who Persist to Live among the Time of Others, and being physically close, actually are on Trillions of Light Years FROM US ALL, being TRULY FREE inside the same bodies, that we blame for being captured within... and so, and so - THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WITH THE BLUE EYES, MAKING LOVE IN THE OCEAN, OR UNDER THE MOONLIGHT, LIKE WILD WOLVES ON THE SACRED GROUND, WHICH IS THE ACTUAL GIFT TO ALL OF AS! . . . For that I wished to give respect to the surfers, who, like the Colombian Big Brothers over the Mountains, ARE KEEPING THE BALANCE BETWEEN THE ALIVE AND THE DEAD, without questioning, for they had been questioning for millenniums and have no need for more of that kid`s work, which lays upon OUR SHOULDERS - THE DEAD AND THE AWAKENING, THE MASTERS ENLIGHTENED AND THEIR STUDENTS, WHO ARE DEDICATED TO THE CAUSE OF AWAKENING OF ALL! . . . But just like the Colombian Big Brothers, The Alive must keep the Balance, and like a Morning Star for all of the early standing Master Workers and Sacred Priests within The Actual Workground of All Consisting TEMPLE OF HUMANITY.

So, thank you #SURFINGMagazine and God Bless the Purity Keepers, riding the Waves!!!

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