September 11, 2015

Mary, the Brightness Of All The Fallen In Love Young Gentlemen, and her Doves, Whom Persistence Saved Her From Death

Life for Life, Death for Death
Mary Rot, when she has a couple of Doves and two eggs.
All she thought about was flying. She observed the birds all day long. She has a Doves family at the veranda, and carry for them so much, that on summer time the eggs were flowing 2 by 2 per 2 weeks, and that was already not just a big family, with many of the young boys were getting outside brides - you know, they are strictly %100 monogamous - so, it was no more just a family, but as a blood line of Mary`s Doves, who, as she were seeing well, has became the aristocracy of the whole town Doves hierarchy. Thanks God, that her mother was seeing the happiness, that these dirty birds were bringing to her weak and sad daughter, so she has delivering the bread they needed every day, without to spread a word... That was the way, through which Mery Rot healed her chronic depression, which had been making her entire World so Dark for two years, after her father`s death, that she had barely eaten all the time, and those pawns - the diplomated doctors, were sure that she just has been born weak and only God could save her from death - and they were telling bravely, with a scientific pride, this to her mother... Stupid Victorian Scientists!!! For two years, Mary had about twenty Doves and 8 obsessed by her shiny beauty gentlemen, some of which are desperately felt in love with the Divine Creature of they dreams, even that they all were from the High Class nearby University, which policy were to make strong and cold blooded men for it`s students, getting the ready to win for their rich families, and only the smart, the rich and the proud enough have the guts to come here, were between them! But her followers had slowly becoming different, as the moon is changing all the Earth, so those eight bright and brave - because Mary was a simple girl, by the dimensions of their class - were changing slowly, becoming day by day, week by week, month after month - real men, gentle, fear, honest, and so her thin charakter developed within some a dignity that neither God could implant to a man!

She merry ten years later to the local sheep carrier, whom love and natural understanding to the animals at all, had kept her near the real Divine Love, that only the clear relations within the nature, full of animals at the end of the city, might have made a man feel steel and whole fulfilled and contemplated with joy and peace - as she lived it all, living hundreds of healthy Doves and a thousand of grandchilds...

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