September 2, 2015

Sir Richard Branson And The Heroes Of The Dead

Sir Richard Branson And The Heroes Of The Dead
Sir Richard Branson,

I love this ! Now I know why those Anarchists, if there is still an alive one from them - that  may still move his heavy depressed Anarchists body, somewhere within the dashes of his pathological narcissism and the self hate episodes, which replace it as a plus the minus, in a full underestimation of his human dignity... Probably. I just don`t know, but it should be like that. 

So, I understand why this chronicle depression sufferer had been given so much hate towards Richard Branson - just because Branson is Alive in the full meaning of that word, for a Human with a clear conscious, who was just following his dream to be a businessman, while  was just giving all their soul to infect as many others as possible, with their amphetamine pathologies, depressive mutations of that illness, which implement itself as a radical positions against the Order... 

So, well done Richard! You are proving NOW, who had been the Alive dreamer of his wonderful future, and who had used the Life to infect the World with his illness - to do not die alone. It`s exactly simple as that.

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