September 10, 2015

The Islamic Traditions In Sex Slavery, And The Muslim-Developed Methodology Of Absolute Obedience Training Of Pretty Girls, Women, Boys and Youngsters, Still Being Used In the Muslim Culture

As I am a #Bulgarian and my Nation has been liberated by a Full Despotic #Turkish #Thirany in 1878 - AFTER FIVE CENTURIES OF OUR WHOLE NATION ENSLAVEMENT - over all our lands and people, I know well, as every Bulgarian, how, by the dictation of #Quran, every #Muslim male is behaving, as a normal attitude learned by their childhood, to every non-Muslim woman. It`s a behavior implemented in their blood by the Quran for all these about 15 centuries, since the gang leader #Muhammad has gotten the idea of Cesarius Constantine (the Great)... It`s the same attitude to the Christian men, because every Muslim accepts the Christians men as soft and weak by the meaning of Jesus teachings - at least, as Emperor Constantine has been constructed the new scriptures, by his choice, for the Slaves and Plebeians to have much bless in their miserable life.

So Muslims have in their culture the practice to make boys and young Christian men sex slaves too - our whole Bulgarian national folklore and national-psychology is proving it. At least by the turks. But as today the Israelis - they could explain it best... So, for the prettiest women - and you should now that /BE SURE/ they prefer GIRLS - the practice to use them for as fully obeyed sex slaves has been evolved, with the centuries, to a whole science of sexual enslavement of a woman to lose her will at %100 and start loving her terrorist. After the fall of Berlin Wall at 1989 year, Bulgarian AND Russian Mafia had received from the Islamic World that technology and the methods, in order to use the for creating the best prostitutes in the World - it`s common known - even, who had been tried an Eastern Girl in London or Amsterdam, or Munich, should remember the happiness and the love of that girl, who were trained to give her soul to whom the Master says!!! It`s Islamic thing. Practiced form 26 years from some of the Eastern Criminals for Money. Even the Ghetto Super Stars in the U.S. have no such a success in prostitution, as the Eastern Criminals, I guess. And I`ll stop here. Listen to the story of #Jinan, escaped from #ISIS, where had been used as #SexSlave from #Muslim men.

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