October 5, 2015

The Divine Implementation In The Female Form

The Divine Feminine Powers of GOD.
A Woman like no other woman... I wonder how she could be... How, who and why has been created such a beauty, more powerful than any nature's force... That exact divinity of female form... That is started as a simple girl in the fashion industry - often with a girls with simple minds, how and why and who creates the divine beauty, that has the power make man forget his one reality while starring hardly managed to control himself... A Natural Lows? What is Nature? Stones, biochemistry, or implementation of the other, divine reality that all the wise said is a superior reality than ours visible one, that could steal your spirit just by a look at a Woman like that... How is it possible, isn't it the mysterious consciousness of GOD, that is playing our senses, hiding The Word, which some say is by itself alone the Essential Glory of GOD??!


See, where the look at that divine reality of female beauty has fallen me to push my mind to fly away!

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