November 10, 2016

The Real Change In The U.S. And The World's Way Had Finally Happened: Donald J. Trump Won The Oval Office!

I am not an American Citizen. But I feel like One!

I feel like One, because I brilliantly understand. What America Is Standing For In The Entire Planetarian Arena, that directly concerns The Very Exact Enlightening Future Of Humanity, which has, unfortunately, Very Powerful Opposite Atheistic Forces, Who now Kill Ukrainians and Enforce the most barbarian, schizophrenic, delusional and extremely regressive Homo Sapiens Mutants, to rape European boys and girls in the very Centers of The European Capitals! Watch the movie, "Disinformation And The Secret Strategy To Destroy The West", Part 1: and Part 2: - for this documentary video, you could read a brief description on my blog at

WE SHOULD HAVE NO DOUBT (!!!), that the Atheistic, Hippocratic, Darwinistic Powers, that OWNS Russia and literally the half of The World , are on their "WIN OR DIE" WAR - as proud successors of Joseph Stalin, who provenly has been the Mentor and the Manipulator of Adolf Hitler, and who used the poor amphetamine addict to possess that half of The World! Do not have a doubt. Because, just... I'm in the know, which I will explain below. Please read the full article.

These people, that I call KGB International - because it's proven, that every Secret Services in almost every post-communism's country were practically BRANCHES of The Soviet KGB: the legacy powerful organization of Josef Stalin; Including China - these people, in the exactly opposite direction to The Western Civilization's Gnosis, are fighting for the future evolution of Mankind, as Darwinists, who believe, that the current evolution of Homo Sapiens we owe to the Low of Natural Selection. They accept themselves, as protectors of the natural future evolution of Mankind... They are using Orthodox Christianity today, as they used the Communist Facade in the past, as they always - from Stalin to now on - has been Absolutely Atheistic Fascists.

I was for Donald J. Trump form the beginning. The speech of Michael Bloomberg in New York City Rally of Clinton had changed my mind. I just have a great respect and trust to Bloomberg. Unhappily I became a supported of Clinton after that speech. But, honestly: I am very happy now, when Trump won the Elections for the White House - because against the "Antichrist", in the face of The KGB's Global Forces, we couldn't. no, we just couldn't let a woman, that ones already had been charmed and probably wetted, as Merkel, in front of the manly charisma of Putin... We just cant. It's crucial for the Divine Evolution of Humanity JUST NOW!!!

I am a Bulgarian. Bulgaria is upside Greece. It's fact, that the most powerful foreign branch of KGB was the Bulgarian Branch of KGB (, because of the important geo-location of Bulgaria in the strategical KGB's empowered import of Heroin and illegal Amphetamines, that were produced in Bulgaria (called the Columbia of the Amphetamines - still today, but of Methamphetamine too) within the Western Europe. Now Bulgaria is still the main Depot for Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamines, Heroin and the highest possible quality of GMO Marijuana and Hashish for The Entire European Union - just like Mexico is the main Depot the same. But the Cocaine for Europe is imported from Bulgaria by Bulgarian diplomatic airplanes directly from the South African Republic to Bulgaria, and form Bulgaria to all over the EU, as just as the Heroin is imported to Mexico by Russian Diplomatic Airplanes directly form Moscow!!! And so, and so. My point was, that from within Bulgaria - especially, when you are higher connected guy with analytical mind and a very huge curiosity about The Truth - from within Bulgaria, a Bulgarian can see the exact picture, that I had just painted for you.


Fight the Russian Scientific Disinformation - it's the most advanced Russian science, and the most powerful Russian weapon against the Righteous Gnostic World...

God Bless America, and let Trump make America Great Again, for America has a Global mission to defend the Gnosis from the KGB blind-minded Great Profanes!

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