January 10, 2017

The nonsense Meryl Streep's insolence in the Cold War and The U.S. House Intelligence Commettee

Another story, but the same old day... Drinking my first coffee at 11:00 am, listening to the "Loneliness in New York" solo piano jazz music by the Google Play Music - a really good solitary piece of art, that worms my bones in that cold morning in Eastern Europe (-2.2 by Fahrenheit, equal to -19 by Celsius)...

I looked at many comments in Bulgarian Social Media on the Meryl Streep speech against the American Presidential Elect, Donald J. Trump, and was thinking - literally - in these times of brutal Cold War, in which the Old Europe is being built everywhere with mosques, and soon the Churches and the Great Old Cathedrals would be just a background the mosques, inspired by the Soviet KGB on 70's, as an important part of the War on the Western Civilization by the Atheistic and Agnostic Communistic International (now Socialistic International) - I wondered, what kind of nonsense is this insolence, an influential Actress - a woman of Art - to mess with the U.S. Intelligence Community job and the Pentagon!!? What kind of nonsense insolence is that, coming from an influential citizen of Art? It's called Disinformation War on The U.S. and The Free World, by agnostic Socialistic International, which fights the Gnostic Western Civilization for the future of Humanity. So simple. 

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