April 3, 2017

The Ancient Romans Had Been Calling Our Spirits "Genii" - Where The English Word "Genius" Is Coming From

Here is the Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary explanation, after which, below, I'll try to light it up:

The belief system of the ancient Romans included spirits that were somewhere in between gods and humans and were thought to accompany each person through life as a protector. The Latin name for this spirit was "genius," which came from the verb gignere, meaning "to beget." This sense of "attendant spirit" was first borrowed into English in the early 16th century. Part of such a spirit's role was to protect a person's moral character, and from that idea an extended sense developed in the 16th century meaning "an identifying character." In time, that meaning was extended to cover a special ability for doing something, and eventually "genius" acquired senses referring particularly to "very great intelligence" and "people of great intelligence."

So, the human body, which is developing the delusive ego and fake-self acknowledgement, as a material being, in that material world

--- that has been forbidden long ago to KNOW (to possess GNOSIS for ThySelf), what it carries within - by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who lately has been called "The Great" by his great development - the anti-Gnostic (anti-Knowledge) sect of Christianity, that was created upon his orders, to cut the spreading of the Original Jesus' Gnostic Teachings, which were on their way to fire a rebellion against the entire "aristocracy" of Rome, by the Slaves and Plebes, teaching them that Aristocratism is a quality of the mostly unknowingly existing immortal Spirit within every human being, and that Aristocratism is not a quality of the blood - that is not, what it things it is, but has an immortal Essence, that the Romans before Constantine's success to cut the spreading of the original Jesus' Gnostic Teachings for exactly what the Genii is - is a biochemical mediator, between the incarnated Real Human, that we know as ours immortal Spirit, and the material reality, that the human body perceives through it's five senses.

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